machine learning

Visualize the functioning of supervised learning models – part 3: K-neighbours and decision trees

After trying regression using linear and SVR models, I wanted to try other two methods offered by scikit-learn based on different principles: K nearest neighbor and decision trees. Nearest Neighbors K-nearest neighbor in this case is straightforward, with K=1 transforms the picture in a mosaic (a Voronoi diagram based on the Read more…

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Eliza, in italiano

Uno dei primi ricordi che ho dell’informatica in generale è di aver letto, da bambino, una descrizione di Eliza. Si tratta di un programma creato nel 1966, che cerca di imitare una chat con uno psicologo, ed è probabilmente il primo chatbot nella storia. Col tempo questo programmino mi ha intrigato sempre Read more…

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Image manipulation

Seam carving in pure Java

Today I tried to implement seam carving in pure Java, without dependencies. In a few words, it’s a method to automatically reduce the size of an image keeping as much details as possible. How is this accomplished? It’s done by calculating the importance of each pixel with some metric (for example, the gradient magnitude) Read more…

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