A short message to my readers from Russia

Hello there! My analytics data reports that I have a lot of visitors from Russia. You are welcome

As you probably know, on 2022-02-24 Russia started an unprovoked attack against Ukraine, a democracy with 44 million inhabitants.

At the moment of writing (2022-03-20) this has led to thousands of deaths across Ukraine and Russian soldiers and Ukraine civilians, not to mention the damage to houses and infrastructure.

From the point of view of Russia, every day this insanity goes on brings more dead soldiers, more money being spent, and more damage from the sanctions.

The Russian army already started committing war crimes, and I'm afraid it will only get worse.

The sad thing is, this all could be avoided, Vladimir Putin could step back at any time, but he's putting his personal glory and the well being of his own pockets before the lives of people in Ukraine and the economical prosperity of Russia itself. His government is satisfying the part of the country who believe attacking another country so viciously is justified, be it for a cynical nationalism that doesn't care about other people or because of an irrational fear of NATO.

Remember that you can always do something, you can protest against this insanity, you can not vote for these assassins. But most importantly, you can leave the country. If you are here you are probably a software developer and speak English, so why not consider bringing your skills and your taxes to a country that is not using them to support the invasion of a democracy?

As an immigrant myself, I realize it's not a thing you do one day from another, but it's worth considering and you can probably have a better life in pretty much every country in Europe or North America.

I'm not qualified to say more, so enjoy the website.

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You can help fight the war with your money: